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Genetic variants have a substantial impact on the likelihood and subsequent cause of obesity. Tesis offers genetic testing for the exact genes said to contribute to 40-70% of obesity cases.

Why Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing is also known as a DNA test. DNA is the blueprint of the body. Genetic testing looks for changes, mutations, or variants, in your DNA. Just a single gene mutation can affect the likelihood of developing specific diseases or identify better treatment and medications that can lead to better care and improved health over time.

Genetic Testing for Obesity

People who have obesity have multiple genes that predispose them to gain excess weight. One such gene is the fat mass and obesity-associated gene (FTO), which is found in up to 43% of the population. FTO is one of the most relevant genes associated with obesity and, in one study of 40,000 people, it was found that those carrying one copy of the FTO variant gene were 30% more likely to become obese, and those carrying two copies were 70% more likely. In the presence of readily accessible food, those with the fat mass and obesity-associated gene may have challenges limiting their caloric intake.

Genetic Testing and Treatment Plans

Knowing your patients’ family history can help them understand their risk for obesity and obesity-related conditions like diabetes and heart disease so that decisions can be made for health care planning. While these genes can increase appetite and reduce metabolism, following a consistent treatment plan that incorporates effective nutritional, physical activity, and behavioral approaches can help prevent and treat obesity.

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